Follow the Leader

There are lots of variations of this popular dog game. Here is a fun version you can play indoors or out.

Follow the Leader

1.  Set up obstacles in your play area. The more diverse the obstacle the better. Try to include things you can walk around, hop over, and maybe even go through.

    • If outside you can include lawn furniture, boxes, cones, trees in the yard, bikes, wading pool or anything you have around.
    • If inside, use chairs, tables, trays, boxes, sheets (for tunnels) or anything you can find.

2.  Lead your dog through the obstacles: around, over, under and through. You can start with your dog on a leash to show where you want him to go.

A quick version indoors, if you don’t want to move furniture around, is using a roll of masking or Scotch tape. Stretch tape across the room and furniture to create barriers to walk under, over and around.


An easy route for making obstacles is to get a Dog Agility Kit like this with adjustable obstacles. You can set them up inside or outside and are a lot of fun your dog. Click the image for more info.