Hide-and-seek is not only a fun game, but it can better your dog’s problem-solving abilities, teach her not to panic when you disappear, and help her to learn to come when called.
Hide and Seek with Dog

How To Play

It’s easy to train your dog to hunt for you when you’re hidden. The key is to teach her how rewarding it is to find you.

    1. Get some treats or your dog’s favorite toy.
    2. Have your dog to Sit-Stay.
    3. If your dog doesn’t know how to Stay yet, you can have someone hold her while you hide. But this way the game requires 2 people. Eventually, it is more useful to teach your dog how to Stay, so you only need one person to play this game. Plus, you are helping your dog learn patience.
    4. Now, go to another room (with the treats) and hide.
    5. Call your dog to come to you—just once!
    6. (If someone is holding the dog, let them know to release her once you call.)
    7. Wait quietly and patiently while he searches. You dog is actually using his powerful nose, which is satisfying work for her. So you don’t need to give her clues.

When your dog finds you, be enthusiastic with praise and give her a treat or toss her favorite toy and play a quick game. Repeat!

This game will also give her a chance to use her powerful nose, which is satisfying and tiring.

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