Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is a quick easy game that most dogs will catch on quickly, especially if your dog follows you around the house (most dogs, right?). It is a great game indoors or out, but actually better inside in smaller spaces.

Dog Game - Musical ChairsPick a room with a few places to sit. Sit in a chair. If your dog follows you, fine. If not, casually call him or her. Wait 10 seconds and move to a seat on the other side of the room (chair, couch, stool, stair, anywhere you can perch). Wait for your dog to follow. Wait ten seconds move to another seat in the room. Wait for the dog to follow. Keep this up. Your dog will quickly realize what you are doing and get into the game. You can start moving to different seats faster and faster.

Then start moving from room to room. To do this you need to slow your dog down. When you get up, leave a treat, preferalbly one that is hard to pick up.

Slow up by sitting longer, petting your dog to soothe and calm.

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