High Five

  1. Kneel or sit in front of your dog.
  2. Command sit.
  3. Use your thumb to press your dog’s shoulder gently until front leg lifts.
  4. Lay your hand under her foot pad as you say PAW.
  5. OR hold a treat in closed hand a couple of inches in front of the dog’s foot.
  6. When she paws it open, hand her the treat as a reward.
  7. Keep doing this as you raise your hand.
  8. Gently grasp paw when she paws.
  9. Hold out hand palm out at the same height for “Paw” and say high five. She may be confused at first.
  10. 2 hands and 2 paws.
  11. KEEP YOUR HANDS AT THE LEVEL OF YOUR DOG’S HEAD don’t want to encourage jumping.
  12. At first, may only do one paw, reaching up will encourage her to stretch up and bring the other paw off flow.
  13. At this point tuck your hand under the other paw and praise.