Take A Bow

Take a bow is a relatively easy, low-key trick that you can teach your dog indoors. And, this trick looks cool as your dog’s final trick when showing him off!

  1. Dog Bow TrickFirst, catch him doing it and encourage him. Whenever you catch dog stretching where his front paws are out and his butt is in the air, say the command “Bow”. It is also really helpful to add a hand signal to the command. Twirl you arm is a good one (as if you were taking a bow for an audience). Next, teach the trick on purpose.
  2. Hold your dog’s belly up as you hold treat.
  3. Lower the treat to the in front of his paws.
  4. Let your dog get the treat, but continue to hold his belly up as your dog bends over.
  5. As he gets the treat, say the command “Bow”.Keep practicing  the trick.
  6. Eventually, stop holding his belly so much until you aren’t’ holding his belly at all.OR another method for teaching this trick…
  7. Hold a treat against your dog’s nose, but don’t let her get it.
  8. Press the treat gently back and downward to the floor.
  9. This forces her to bend forward on her elbows to get it.
  10. As she does, say “Bow”.

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