child and pet dog

Here Are A Few Good Games For Kids And Dogs.


If you have kids and a dog or two, you probably have a lot of energy running through your household. Take advantage of the fact that both your dogs and kids love playing and games. Teach your kids how to play with the dog, and then encourage your kids to play games with the dog for a good time and exercise for both.  Here are a few ideas for dog games for kids:

Red Light Green Light

To teach your dog the game, you will need to start with him on a leash. Have the dog sit. Call “Green Light” and have the players walk. Before the dog starts to get excited, call “Red Light” and have the kids stand quietly and prompt your dog to sit. Soon, you will be playing off-leash

Obstacle Course

Kids love to build something out of nothing. On a day they are “bored” have them create an obstacle course in your backyard out of anything they can find: boxes, chairs, hoses, branches, buckets, etc. Make it so the dog has to go up, over, through, and around things. The child can show the dog want they want the dog to do by crawling/jumping/running through the course and beckoning the dog to follow. At some point your kids can even have the dog run the course by herself.

Hide and seek

This a fun dog game for kids to play indoors or out! You have to modify the game to suit your dog and it’s better if you have more than one kids. Have one kid hold the dog or the child has the dog sit. The child hides, calls out to the dog and let the dog search. If your child doesn’t have good places to hide, him or her show the dog its favorite toy  and hide that (someplace the dog can get to) and then have the dog search for it.

Doggie in the Middle

A fun game if you have more than one child. The kids simply toss one of the dog’s toys back and forth over the dog. It is important 1) to let the dog to win sometimes, and 2) do not play this game if your dog gets annoyed or aggressive—that means he or she feels teased and this game is just not fun.

Be patient when teaching your kids dog games and use lots of positive reinforcement with both!