Dog Shoes

Do you have a conflicted dog like mine? My high energy terrier loves his daily walk (needs them actually – read this post if you are having trouble getting your dog to walk). But I live in a Northern state and when winter rolls around – well let’s just say I shovel lots of snow and chip away lots of ice from December to April.  Not the best weather for walking the dog.  This doesn’t stop him from wanting a walk. And I give in and we have a short walk in most weather, rain or snow can’t stop us. Though I do mean short walk, after a few minutes he’s shaking and he doesn’t want more than 2 paws on the ground. Once I had to carry him home!

But it still doesn’t stop him from whining about a walk!

So I figure, we’ll do short walks but let’s dress him better and see what happens.

So I got my boy a set of Dog Shoes from Senior Pet Products. This does make the walk bearable for him (no matter how short).

Dog Shoes for WalkingFirst, these shoes are easy to put on. That is exactly what you want when you have an excited, impatient dog waiting for his walkies.  Just slip them on and tighten the Velcro straps around her leg. Shoe stays on. He didn’t like it at first – or rather he thought it was weird – but the shoe stayed on.

These dog shoes are not just heavy cloth, they actually have a rubber sole like boots. The upper part of the shoe is made of Neoprene – that water-resistant material used in scuba suits–so it is lightweight enough for your pooch to move easily. But the sole is rubber, which you really want to have, not just to protect his feet from cold, but to keep ice and other thawing chemicals off his paws! And because the soles are rubber, the dog has traction on icy sidewalks. He’s not slipping and hurting himself – even with 4 legs, dogs can still slip and hurt themselves too! And there is a special plate in the toe area so his nails won’t wear out the bottom of the shoe in 2 weeks.

So now, where I used to have an excuse not to go out in the snow and cold, I do not anymore. But I have a happy dog in new shoes.

You can order these shoes through Amazon for under $20.

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