Skunk Smell Solutions for Your Dog

Dog Sprayed By SkunkIt happened…your dog got sprayed by a skunk. In some places, there is a fair chance that your dog may be sprayed by a skunk at one point or another. Even if your dog is kept close to you on a leash, it can still be fairly difficult to prevent a skunk from spraying your dog if it feels at risk. They are spry, quick little things – those skunks. It’s never fun if this happens, but it helps to be prepared. As you saw above, it is a lot easier to deal with a skunked dog than you’d think – we are going to give you all the details that you need to get rid of that wretched odor smell of your skunk sprayed dog. Here is a great solution:

Mix Together: -¼ cup of baking soda -1 teaspoon of dish soap -1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide

BE READY: Your concoction is going to fizz when you start mixing it together!   Using the mixture, lather that skunked dog up, let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse him off! Repeat until you can breathe and then come read the tips in the info below.   If you’re here because you want to be prepared in case your dog gets skunked so you don’t have to frantically run around looking for the baking soda is, read the tips below.

Preparing For The Worst

Dealing with skunk spray can be a horrible experience, but having to frantically google “what to do when your puppy gets sprayed by a skunk” right after it happens only makes it worse.  Especially since skunk spray can have adverse effects on your pup. You want to know how to get the skunk smell off of your dog quickly. It is a good idea to have the ingredients for a bottle of ‘skunk soap’ ready at home. I recommend setting aside each ingredient and put them in a container somewhere easy to get to. Going to the grocery store for ingredients or searching for how to get rid of the skunk smell on a dog with that odor filling your nostrils is not anyone’s idea of a good time.

Ingredients To Make Your First Batch

Like the recipe at the top of the page showed you, you only need 3 simple ingredients: baking soda, dish soap and 3% hydrogen peroxide. All of these can be found at your local grocery store, and have other uses as well so you may already have them around your house. Always check the expiration though and if it’s old throw it away!

WARNING: Don’t mix these together in advance! We understand dogs, not science, but rumor has it that the combination of those chemicals will build up enough pressure that the bottle you store them in will explode!

Using Skunk Shampoo To Remove Odor

Once it is time to apply the skunk soap to your skunked dog, you use it just like any other dog shampoo – though you should wear gloves to protect your hands and arms and we highly recommend wearing a mask (we found these great masks at Amazon, they are great to have on hand). The good news is that as soon as you start to apply it, you are immediately on the path to removing the skunk smell from your dog. Lather on a fairly thick coat, work it into the skunked dog’s fur very well, let it sit for maybe 5 minutes, and rinse it thoroughly. Use caution to not get the shampoo into your dog’s eyes – the hydrogen peroxide won’t cause serious harm, but it will cause your dog some pain and considering that your dog got sprayed by a skunk…he deserves a little compassion.  When you need to get the skunk soap around your poor dog’s eyes, use a dishcloth and apply it gently.

You do need to let the skunk soap sit on your dog for a while, but do not leave it on your pup’s fur for more than ten minutes. It doesn’t happen often, but the ingredients can cause some skin irritation on your dog. It really is absolutely vital that you rinse the skunk soap out very thoroughly. If you have to reapply, make sure you are rinsing your dog with water well in between applications.  Don’t dry your skunked dog right away. Since you’re trying to get the skunk smell off of the dog, let nature do it’s thing. The water will help to absorb any of the excess odor that the skunk soap didn’t get. Let him shake a few times and move about. Dry him after maybe 5 minutes with a towel.

If the smell persists, but it not quite as strong, use normal dog shampoo the next go round. Most of the strong skunk smell should have been sufficiently washed out, so all you are doing here is removing the leftover traces. Keep in mind that if you are having a lot of issues removing the smell, even after several washes, you may not have used the skunk soap correctly as it is generally highly effective in getting the skunk smell off of your dog.

Using Homemade Products Vs. Purchased Products

Often, store-bought soaps can often be much more expensive than homemade soaps, and just like homemade treats can be better for your pup, homemade soaps may be better and more effective than the ones you buy at the store. Most people who have tried it will agree that the skunked dog soap recipe provided here is more than enough to remove odors and harmful chemicals from your skunked dog’s fur completely. Just like most products, the skunk soap is absolutely fine and completely harmless when used in moderation – but if your dog is getting skunked regularly and you are using the skunked dog soap frequently, some skin irritation is likely to develop. For the average person, a skunked dog is far less than even a once-a-year occurrence, so there’s absolutely no need to worry if you’re careful with your dog, but it is good to have the solution close by. Let us know how it helps!