Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Keep Your Dog Hydrated - Always have waterIf you are walking, running, hiking, or doing just about anything in the warm, lovely, gorgeous summer weather (yes, I am glad of summer), you need to stay hydrated. So does your dog. You and the dog are losing more water through more sweating and you have to replenish. Heat stroke is not a fun feeling. Neither is heat exhaustion. Nor dehydration. In fact, it feels really crappy. So just be sure to drink to rehydrate and to cool your body. (Note: even when you and/or dog go swimming, you should take water and drink between playtime.

What do you do when you are out of the house? When you and poochie are doing some activity away from home for more than 30 minutes, like a run, or a hike, you should take some water with you. For you, that’s easy, grab a water bottle. For dog?

A collapsible bowl and a water bottle (perhaps Cesar Millan Dog Whisperer Fortified Water for Dogs, specifically developed by veterinarians – I like Cesar, but really?). You can find collapsible travel bowls easily and cheaply online or in pet stores and it is worth the few bucks because then you have it anytime you take the dog out: long hikes, vacation, other people’s houses, whatever.

I like the nylon kind because it flexes a bit if I want to fit it in a fanny pack or jacket pocket.

If this type of nylon bowl is too unstructured, get one like this with more of a frame, but is still folds up.

This one is kind of cool too. Structured and rigid because it’s rubber, but it rolls up easily.

Either way, you don’t need a large bowl, too much to carry. It’s better to water the dog more often with a smaller bowl.

If you are feeling crafty, Martha Stewart can even help you make one with these instructions. (I’m sorry, I just love Martha. She’s thinking even about the pets.)

Make sure to keep your dog watered.