Exercise is good for your dog's brain too.Eight Reasons Why Exercise is Good for Your Dog’s Mind

Yes, exercise is good for your dog’s physical health, but it is also very good for her mind as well. In fact, exercise is a fundamental way to foster your dog’s happiness. Here are eight ways how exercise is good for your dog’s mental well-being.

  1. Exercise can help with the pain of arthritis, dysplasia, and other mild to moderate conditions. Besides strengthening muscles around the joint and keeping joints flexible, a fun game or an interesting walk takes your dog’s mind off the discomfort.
  2. Exercise helps your dog blow off steam that would otherwise be acted out as grumpiness, aggression, nervousness or insomnia.
  3. Exercise helps high-energy dogs get rid of some that energy that might otherwise be used to chew shoes or door jambs.
  4. Too much confinement can result in stress, which dogs can turn into shoe chewing and anxious behavior. Getting out of the house for a walk provides a change of scenery.
  5. Dogs need something to do. They get bored. If you don’t engage them in constructive activity, they often will find something to do, possibly something you find destructive.
  6. Your dog will rest and sleep better when exercised regularly – and we all know that good sleep is crucial to your attitude.
  7. Many dogs’ metabolisms are geared for work:pulling sleds, retrieving game, digging for vermin or other vigorous tasks. Being able to satisfy these natural tendencies will make your dog very content. You should try to understand the natural instincts of your dog’s breed and incorporate them into activities and exercise. For instance, for a working breed, performing a task would be naturally satisfying, possibly pulling a wagon or carrying a pack with your water bottle. For a retriever breed, engage your dog in ball or disk throwing and retrieving.
  8. Unhappy dogs result from inconsistent interaction with their owners, along with a lack of exercise. Your dog interprets the time you spend with him as love, and exercise time is a fun time for a dog. A loved dog is a happy dog.

You don’t always have to go for a 2-mile walk just to exercise your dog (but you could and you dog would probably love it). With simple toys like a ball or easy tools like a Petflex, you can give your dog a great workout in the backyard and work off some of her energy.