If You Think You Need A Heavy Duty Dog Crate,
You Probably Do.


If you have a dog that loves to escape when you are not around, you’re on the right track to fixing the problem. It’s not fun for anyone to come home to overturned plants, ripped up couches or, even worse, empty prescription pill bottles.

Finding the Best Heavy Duty Crate for your Dog!

Are you frustrated with coming home and finding your favorite shoe destroyed from your dog managing to escape their kennel once again? While keeping your dog contained in a crate while you are not there to supervise seems easy enough some dogs have the determination to escape time and time again. If you want to put an end to this problem you’ve come to the right place to help you find an Escape Proof crate for your beloved dog.

We classify these heavy duty dog crates 3 ways:

“Medium Security”

My Dog Is A Little Sly And
Shows Interest In
The Art of Escape.

“High Security”

My Dog Is A
Destroyer of Kennels.
I Am Impressed By His Abilities.

Maximum Security”

Why Do I Even Bother Putting
My Dog In A Kennel?
He Can Get Out Of Anything.

“Medium Security” Heavy Duty Dog Kennels

“If my dog finds a weakness, he’ll take advantage of it,
but he isn’t going to go looking for one.”

This is the first step up from the best dog crate guide we’ve written.

If your dog needs a new kennel because he figured out how the edges go together on a typical wire cage, the Goplus Metal Wire Pet Crate is a good first stop. For one thing, it’s on wheels. If you want to be able to monitor how your dog is doing in his crate – to see if he’s making a serious effort at escaping – the wheels are super nice because you can easily move the crate to your family room or office. Dogs do love to be where the activity in the house is.

Keep in mind that a crate like this is going to take a little bit more assembly than a typical wire crate. Everything you need is included in the package, though, including the screws.

In terms of size, this kennel is 43.3″ x 28.3″ x 37″ (L x W x H). While your first thought is likely whether this is the best dog kennel for your dog in terms of size, don’t forget to consider where in your house you’re going to put it. Keep in mind, you do not have to install the wheels.

The Goplus Wire Crate is a good
starting place. It provides more
security than just a regular wire crate.

“High Security” Heavy Duty Dog Crate

“I love my dog, but if she gets too bored or starts having separation anxiety,
she’ll definitely find a way out of her cage.”

The Proselect Empire Dog Cage
brings a lot of value to the table.
Deciding to spend more on a heavier duty kennel
can prevent spending way, way more at the vet down the road.

Not sold that anything having to do with wire is going to keep your dog in? If you’re on the hunt for the best steel dog crate, this is a fantastic option.

We’ve got an entire write up on this crate that you can see here. These guys mean business and designed this bad boy to be the “Alcatraz of Dog Crates.” Keep in mind, people did break out of Alcatraz. We have read reports of serious Houdini dogs getting out of this kennel, but in searching high and low for information, it does seem to be pretty uncommon.

Keep in mind, this thing is heavy. You might need a hand getting this kennel set up. With their .5″ diameter steel tubing, attention to welds and serious latches, we think this cage is worth every pound.

SmithBuilt also makes a really product for those looking for heavy duty dog kennels.

SmithBuilt focuses on making crates that are affordable, durable and portable. In looking at the efforts they put into these three things, we think they’re doing a pretty great job. As for affordability, it’s important to remember that price and value are not the same thing. In terms of durability, these guys are doing well in terms of making an indestructible dog kennel. Portability is fantastic for what this crate is. For some people, you’re not going to be able to move it easily yourself, it ships out at over 100lbs. The good news is, you won’t have to take it apart every time you want to move it!

And we love, love, love the easy access from the top on this cage. I’m willing to get down on my hands and knees to keep my dog’s living area clean as much as the next guy, but it is far, far easier to keep it clean by just opening the top. They also use an easy to clean super durable, multi-layer finish on the metal. This is super important not only because it prevents rust and corrosion, but it also prevents odors from being retained.

SmithBuilt offers their cage in 3 sizes, so you can get the right size crate for your dog. Consulting a breed size chart is never a bad idea.

The SmithBuilt heavy duty cage
is definitely among the best
indestructible dog crates to consider.

“Maximum Security” Indestructible Dog Crate

If your dog is not playing around and you need your own personal
Supermax prison, you’re in luck.

The Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate
is the answer to stopping your dog
from escaping out of the crate.

Unlike a lot of other heavy duty crates,
it is made of aluminum instead of steel.
It also folds up, which is an
incredible feature in something so strong.

For those of you who have read thus far and shaken your heads knowing that the previous options are not going to contain your dog because he has dedicated his life to the art of escape, this is your answer.

The Impact Case Dog Crate is serious. There are tons of benefits to this thing, but we’ll try to keep it to the main points.

What’s the main benefit? Your dog is not going to escape from this crate.

If you use it as instructed and maintain it well and your dog escapes from this thing, your furry friend has a talent that borders on the supernatural. Of course, like mentioned earlier, that’s what they thought about Alcatraz, so I will offer the disclaimer that there is likely some dog somewhere that can get out of this, but it is probably not yours.

Ready for more?

It folds up into a briefcase that is less than eight inches tall. AND unlike most heavy duty dog crates, this thing is made of aluminum, not steal and ships out at 44lbs!

If you’re looking for an escape proof dog crate, this is a great bet. It falls within the guidelines of the International Air Transport Association’s rules for shipping live animals. Most airlines follow these rules. So if you travel with your dog, there’s some piece of mind in knowing he’s riding in something this secure.

There’s a lot to be said about the value of a product like this, especially when we consider the harm that can come to our dogs if they are loose in our house while we’re gone, escape on a camping trip with us or panic during fireworks. Coming home to overturned plants and empty prescription bottles can be a scary and truly expensive situation.

When you decide to go with an indestructible dog kennel, you’re often saving yourself money down the road by spending a little more now.