Estrela Mountain Dog

Learn About the Estrela Mountain Dog


Behaviors of the Estrela

Estrela Mountain Dog is very loyal to their masters. They also get attached emotionally with their family but at the same time they want to be aloof from others. They are very much intelligent and also very careful. Training is also given to maintain well-mannered behavior. The Estrela originated from Portugal and was also bred to battle against wolves to protect the sheep or other. They are exceptionally protective of their region. They are basically very friendly with the known people. They are also very social with the family, youngsters and other dogs. With a specific end goal to adequately keep an Estrela Mountain Dog, the family must accomplish pack guide status. It is a common impulse for a dog to have a demand in their pack. People, living with their dog also make one family and happily live with each other.

Appearance of the Estrela

There are two types of cover. One is long and the other is short. Long cover is an outer layer which is thick and marginally coarse without being excessively rugged. Being evenly or marginally wavy but never curvy, its undercoat is extremely thick and regularly lighter in shade than the external layer. Short and smooth hair on the head decreases from the base of ears to the tip. Especially in males, thick and plentiful skin layer wraps on and around the neck and mid-section also frames a ruff body. The male dog has a height of 65 to 72 cm. The female dog has a height of 62 to 68 cm. Lower arms, thighs, back parts and tail are abundantly feathered. Short, smooth hair is present on the front side of legs. Colors incorporate Fawn which differs from smouldered yellow or ruddy gold to a profound red. Grovel may as well never be so pale as a grimy white. Any of the above mentioned colors can have streaks or smears of dark or tan in them. Wolf Grey is also a mixture of light black and dark hairs blended, with or without gatekeeper hairs. Dark muzzle is very much attractive. White markings on mid-section, underside, feet or tail are however undesirable. The neck is short, bulky and well set. The tail is situated marginally low, arriving at to the paw and shaping a unique, inflexible snare at the tip. Teeth are exceptionally solid. Jaw solid with flawless, standard and complete scissor nibble. The upper side teeth nearly cover most of the leveled teeth and are set square to the jaws. The ears are little distorted in form; flimsy, triangular and adjusted at tips.

History of the Estrela

The most specific of the Estrela precursors were crowd guarding dogs in the Serra da Estrela, in what is presently Portugal. There is no difference in opinion in the fact that the Estrela is one of the oldest breeds in Portugal. Those unpredictable gatekeeper canines were not the notable breeds as we know of them today. Rather, the Estrela have advanced over a period of many years. Shepherds must have decided to breed the dogs that will have the important qualities important suiting their mountain surroundings to do their job well.