Great Exercise During Pregnancy!

Walking Dog Good for Pregnancy.As if we needed another reason to walk your dog: it’s good for your pregnant body. Research has found that pregnant women who owned one or more dogs were about 50% more likely to achieve the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day through “high levels of brisk walking” than those without dogs. The study done by the University of Liverpool in conjunction with Mars Petcare, studied 11,000 women as part of a long-running research project (Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children).  The study also suggests that since walking a dog is a “low-risk exercise,” it can be a part of a good health routine of women during their pregnancy.

Furthermore, consider your regular walks as part of your conditioning your dog for a new baby around the house. The regular time spent together can be reassuring and help burn off anxiety if the dog is noticing changes around the house. And while you are walking, make sure you are training him or her to walk well on the leash. Have an obedient dog is important with a baby in the house. And there is no reason to stop walking after baby is born, so a leash-trained dog is easy to walk while also pushing a stroller.