Finding A Good Dog Walker

Find a Good Dog WalkerNowadays many pet owners are working long hours and have a very active social life. Most dogs are left at home all by themselves getting no daily exercise. Because of my busy schedule with work and the kids I really don’t have much time anymore to exercise my dog. I checked some local dog walking services and learned a few things before trying their services.

Dog owners like you and me can easily find a very reliable dog walking service. One way is to ask your friends and family if they know any good dog walkers in your area. If family and friends don’t have any recommendations, you can always check your local yellow pages or the internet to get a list of dog walking services nearby.

Now before choosing a dog walker, here are some very important things you should do:

  • Get Details on The Dog Walker

    Pet owners must look for important details such as the history of the dog walker, their past experience, the type of services that he/she provides, and their love for and knowledge of pets. To do this, it is always best to meet with your dog walker first to see how they get along with your dog and to get a feel for his/her passion for animals. You can also meet your dog walker on a trial with other dogs so you can get a clear picture of how they handle other pets.

  • Discuss Your Dog’s Individual Needs

    You should discuss your dog’s individual dog walking needs and requirements with your dog walker. Important information such as the duration of the walks, behavior of your dog with other pets and other special needs should be openly discussed first to ensure that your dog will be treated right. It’s also important to discuss your dog’s experience and your preferences with leash training.

  • Ask For References

    Lastly, it is very important to ask for references. It is always good to ask your dog walking service provider if they can provide a list of clients they have serviced before. This gives you the opportunity to check with those clients to ask their opinions on the dog walker. It is very important that you select a dog walker who has positive feedback.

Hiring dog walkers is really important for busy pet owners like you and me. By taking the pets out for a walk, dog walkers ensure that they get to play, run, exercise, and enjoy in the fresh air. You would never want your pet to become angry and irritable because they are stuck inside all day.