Exercising Your AffenpinscherGood Exercises For Your Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher originated in Germany and was first used to control rodents in stables and businesses. Eventually was bred to serve as a companion and keep mice out of the home. It is named because of its monkey-like looks “affenpinscher” means monkey terrier and is one of the oldest breeds of companion or toy dogs.

Breed Type

Companion or Toy Dog

Physical Characteristics

  • a small, compact, sturdy dog
  • has a great sense of balance and sure-footedness
  • dense, short to medium length cat


  • alert and inquisitive, but quiet dog
  • loyal and affectionate
  • bold and courageous, but can be aggressive and stubborn
  • moderate energy level (more specifically, high energy in shorter bursts)

Best Exercises

This is a breed that can be energetic and needs active exercise, but not for long periods.

  • Walks – short (20 minutes), brisk walk or moderate (30 – 40 minutes), leisurely walk.
  • Open field or dog parks – this breed can benefit from a short, off-leash romp and run if in a safe area or he is well-trained on recall commands.
  • Games – short games in the yard or house, especially those that involve bursts of running.

Suggested Exercise Plan

Because of its energy, the Affenpinscher really should be exercised daily to prevent mischievous behavior, but 1 or 2 short lively sessions or walks on most days will probably do.

Things To Note

This breed has a tendency for developing hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, and eye problems.