Exercising Your Airedale TerrierGood Exercises For Your Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier is the largest of all the British terriers. Developed in the 1800s it was bred from the Otterhound and the Black and Tan Terrier (which is now extinct) to hunt small game such as otters. Later it was trained to hunt larger game in North America, Africa, and India. These breed has also been used as a working dog, for police and military work in Britain and working cattle and livestock.

Breed Type


Physical Characteristics

  • medium-large dog with a square build
  • short curly hair


  • intelligent, sometimes stubborn
  • alert, protective, courageous but not aggressive
  • may not be good with other smaller pets, high prey drive
  • exuberant, high-energy breed that loves to play

Best Exercises

This is an active breed that benefits greatly from vigorous exercise every day.

  • Walks – Long, brisk walks (45+ minutes)
  • Hikes –  Long hikes, the more challenging the better.
  • Running – great companions for medium-length (30 – 45 minutes) and distance runs (45 min+)
  • Active games that involve running especially retrieving games. They tend to like to please.
  • Swimming and water play
  • Dog Sports training. This is a smart breed that can do well in sports but needs a firm hand while training.

Suggested Exercise Plan

An hour of exercise minimum is really recommended for this breed, especially when this dog is younger. Have at least a daily, long brisk walk or 2 shorter walks. Or start a training program with your dog (such as agility) with two 30 minute training and play sessions. The mental engagement will help exert her.

Things To Note

This is a fairly sturdy breed with some tendencies for developing hip dysplasia and skin disorders.