Exercising Your American BulldogGood Exercises For Your American Bulldog

The American Bulldog originally was used to drive cattle and to guard property. These dogs are a little larger than their closest relative, the English Bulldog. Bulldogs were from England and originally used in bull baiting fights in England. When bull baiting was outlawed, the English Bulldog was bred to be smaller and less athletic. However, American workers kept the “original” Bulldog as a great work dog.

Breed Type

Guard/Guardian dog

Physical Characteristics

  • stocky, powerful medium-size dog
  • smooth coat


  • gentle and loving with their families but aggressive with intruders
  • intelligent, calm breed
  • loves attention from people
  • not particularly good with other dogs without training and socialization

Best Exercises

This dog actually has a high level of energy and needs regular activity. They also need room to expend their energy. However, make sure your activities are easy to moderately challenging.

  • Walks – Frequent, brisk walks are a good
  • Hiking – Pick easy, level trails and walk at an easy pace

Suggested Exercise Plan

Suggested exercise plan

  • 2x a day for 15-25 minutes each (optimal)
  • 1x a day for 20-30 minutes (minimum)

A good routine: a 15-minute walk in the morning and another in the evening

Things To Note

Bulldog breeds have shorter nostrils and windpipes. This leads to a propensity for breathing problems and heat stroke. Over-exercising (exercising too long or too hard) can quickly lead to health problems. Easy and moderate exercise, however, is not only good but necessary for bulldogs.