Exercising Your American FoxhoundGood Exercises For Your American Foxhound

The American Foxhound was developed in Virgina and Maryland in the 1800’s from foxhounds brought over from Europe. As the name indicates, this dog was bred to hunt fox by scent, with other hounds or alone.

Breed Type


Physical Characteristics

  • medium to large dog
  • muscular
  • drop ears and short hair


  • easy-going, friendly dog that gets along with everyone, including other dogs and kids
  • independent, can be stubborn and challenging to train
  • affectionate, loving and gentle
  • high energy breed with long endurance

Best Exercises

This breed is high-energy and needs a vigorous workout.

  • Walks – Long, brisk walks (45+ minutes)
  • Hikes – A great mental and physical activity for this breed, give him time to smell and keep him on leash unless well trained
  • Dog Parks – tends to get along with other dogs, this can be a good place to play
  • Running – great for medium-length runs (30 – 45 minutes) and bursts of running
  • Chasing/retrieving games like Fetch

Suggested Exercise Plan

This dog likes to use his nose. Take long walks daily (an hour is great) and let him engage his mind by letting him smell along the way.

Things To Note

This breed has a tendency to become overweight very easily if overfed and under-exercised.