Exercising Your Australian ShepherdGood Exercises For Your Australian Shepherd

Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd is actually not from Australia. Actually, it is believed this breed originated from herding dogs in the mountains of Spain and France. (There are several theories, but it is not really known how they came to be known as “Australian”). The breed was really formally developed by farmers and ranchers in the United States starting in the 1920’s. Often called an “Aussie”, these dogs were often used as performance dogs as well.

Breed Type

Herding Dog

Physical Characteristics

  • medium-sized, lithe, muscular dog
  • long and athletic build
  • medium length coat


  • highly intelligent and highly trainable
  • strong work drive, loves to have a job to do everyday
  • loyal, wary of strangers but not aggressive
  • loves to play and have fun, great with kids
  • strong prey drive, may not be good with smaller animals
  • lively, high-energy level

Best Exercises

  • Walks –Long (45+ minutes) and brisk, more than one walk per day is good
  • Running – these are hardworking dogs and good for distance runs
  • Dog Sports training:
  • Active chasing games in the yard
  • Tricks – the more complicated, the better

Suggested Exercise Plan

Australian Shepherds are easy-going dogs, but they really do need an active lifestyle. This is a breed developed for working long days on the farm. Without daily exertion, they can become anxious or destructive of both.

  • an hour brisk walk
  • two  30-minute sessions in the yard of active play and/or training

Things To Note

This breed is slightly more prone to hip dysplasia.