Exercising Your BeauceronGood Exercises For Your Beauceron

The Beauceron was developed in North France starting somewhere in the late 1500’s to guard and help herd sheep. It is actually a cousin of the Briard, another livestock guardian dog.

Breed Type

Herding Dog

Physical Characteristics

  • Large dog
  • Athletic, solid and muscular
  • Short, hard outer coat with a dense, woolly undercoat that grows thick in cold weather


  • Intelligent and versatile, can be trained for many types of tasks
  • Highly trainable, eager to please and to learn
  • Courageous and fearless, but calm and gentle – a natural guard dog
  • Devoted to owners
  • Excellent workers
  • Energetic, high energy

Best Exercises

  • Walks –Long (45+ minutes) and brisk, varied environment or terrain is better
  • Running – long distance running is great
  • Challenging hikes, if trained, off-leash can be enjoyable
  • Dog sports
  • Active chasing games
  • Obedience training
  • Play in the snow and cold weather is great

Suggested Exercise Plan

The Beauceron was bred to work all day and has energy to burn. Try to give this dog at least an hour and a half of exercise every day, divided between a vigorous walk(s) AND 30-minute play time or training sessions. With enough exercise, your Beauceron will be calm. Without it, because this breed can be strong-willed, your dog may be hard to handle and destructive.

Things To Note

This breed has slow physical and mental development. For the first 3 years, go easy on training and don’t start challenging exercise (but do exercise regularly).