Exercising Your Border CollieGood Exercises For Your Border Collie

As the name suggests, the Border Collie was developed in the Border country of Great Britain. This dog was bred to herd sheep and still often are used for that. Because this is a clever, high-energy dog, this breed is popular in numerous dog competitions such as agility and herding. Border Collies are named “workaholic” for its sheer drive and love for working. They are one of the most trainable breeds of dogs.

Breed Type

Herding Dog

Physical Characteristics

    • medium-sized, lithe, muscular dog
    • medium sized ears are set well apart
    • short or long sleek double coat


    • very intelligent and aware of their surroundings
    • highly energetic with great stamina
    • affectionate with family and friends, reserved with strangers
    • friendly with children and other dogs

Best Exercises

    • Walks – Need to be long (45+ minutes) and brisk, more than one walk per day is good
    • Running – these are hard working dogs and good for distance runs
    • Dog Sports training:
      • Agility – excellent for Border Collies
      • Tracking
      • Herding – excellent for Border Collies
      • Flying Disc
    • Chasing games: Fetch, Fetch pole, Tag
    • Hiking – A great activity. If you and your dog are in shape, pick more challenging walks.
    • Dog Parks –  a romp in the park with some friends can give him a little workout
    • SkijoringCanicrossBikejoring

Suggested Exercise Plan

Border Collies are a bundle of mental and physical energy but are work oriented. They love having a job and as they are very smart, they can learn several jobs or very complex tasks. Plan on at least an hour of vigorous activity every day, no matter what you pick. If you are a regular long-distance runner, long daily runs are a great plan. Other distance sports are great too.

Training these dogs to compete in dog sports is a great plan – daily training sessions should be a total of an hour a day.

If not, give this dog a chance to run at the dog park regularly and at a bare minimum, for at least an hour preferably.

Things To Note

Border Collies are demanding in their need for sufficient mental and physical stimulation every day. They are notorious for developing destructive behavior when they don’t have enough activity, such as chewing holes in furniture, walls, fences, and  digging holes. Prone to hip and elbow dysplasia.