Exercising Your BoxerGood Exercises For Your Boxer

Boxers are a fairly new breed of dog. Developed in Germany in the 1800’s, the Boxer was bred from the Old English Bulldog and a now extinct mastiff breed called the Bullenbeisser. Early on, Boxers were used for dog fighting and bull baiting, but also as a work dogs pulling carts, rounding up livestock and catching and pinning wild boar and bison until hunters could arrive. Over the next century, this breed became popular performing dogs, guard and police dogs and even, search and rescue dogs.

Breed Type

Guardian Dog

Physical Characteristics

  • medium-size, short-hair dog
  • stocky, muscular and strong
  • broad, short skulls (brachycephalic)


  • happy, high-spirited, playful, energetic
  • intelligent, curious, and eager
  • friendly, good companion and family dogs
  • alert and suspicious of strangers

Best Exercises

  • Walks – medium (20 minutes) to long (40+) walks at a brisk pace
  • Jogging – moderate running (up to 30 minutes)
  • Training for competitive games (whether you compete or not)
  • Games that involve running or are mentally challenging
  • Teach tricks, from simple to complicated

Suggested Exercise Plan

Boxers are an athletic, smart breed that really appreciate a daily outing. Because of the many hereditary health issues, proper exercise will go a long way to keeping this dog healthy. A daily brisk walk on most days with a lively play session a couple times a week OR regular training sessions daily for a competitive event (whether you compete of not).

Things To Note

  • Do not over-exercise Boxer puppies as this may damage growing bones.
  • This breed is temperature sensitive, getting easily overheated and chilling very quickly.
  • Boxers do not breathe well in high heat or humidity due to it boxy head and shorter respiratory tract – limit outdoor activity in this type of weather.
  • Prone to certain cancers, certain heart conditions such as arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (“boxer cardiomyopathy”), hip dysplasia.