Exercising Your BrittanyGood Exercises For Your Brittany

The Brittany was developed in the 1800’s in France, primarily for hunting birds. This is a cross between from French Spaniels and English Setters. The breed became popular in the US in the 1930’s and is one of the most popular hunting dogs.

Breed Type

Gun Dog

Physical Characteristics

  • medium sized dog
  • athletic, strong dog with compact muscles, but not a heavy dog
  • short to medium-coat
  • large floppy ears


  • sweet-natured, even ‘sensitive’
  • intelligent, very trainable
  • friendly, good family dog, but exuberant-may overwhelm small children
  • hardy dogs, love to be outside
  • lively, high-energy level

Best Exercises

  • Walk – long. daily walk (1+ hour)
  • Hikes (45+ minutes) in challenging terrain (up hills, over brush, etc.)
  • Running – Brittanys can be great running dogs for longer (45+ minutes) but moderately-paced runs.
  • Agility – Brittanys have the energy, intelligence, and temperament for this sport.
  • Tracking – You can train for fun or for competition.
  • Dog Parks – Brittany’s are generally friendly with other dogs. If you feel yours if well socialized, let her romp with friends to burn off energy.
  • SkijoringCanicrossBikejoring

Suggested Exercise Plan

Brittanys are energetic dogs that require frequent exercise and room to run – and not just time in the backyard alone. Carve out time for at least:

  • an hour brisk walk
  • 2 – 30-minute sessions in the yard of active play or training
  • half hour brisk walk and a half-hour at the dog park

Things To Note

Brittany’s have a reputation for being a little wild, hard-to-control, but this situation almost always occurs because of insufficient exercise and exertion. This breed is slightly more prone to hip dysplasia.