Exercising Your BullmastiffGood Exercises For Your Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff breed is a cross between a Mastiff and Bulldog, developed in the late 1800’s. This breed was created to be fast enough and strong enough to catch animal poachers, but not overly-aggressive so that he would not hurt the poacher.

Breed Type

Guard/Guardian Dog

Physical Characteristics

  • large dog with a powerful build
  • short, smooth coat


  • a quiet, docile breed
  • patient and gentle with family, friends, and children
  • can be protective and territorial if she feels a threat; won’t attack, but she might knock the “threat” over.

Best Exercises

Despite his size, the Bullmastiff is a rather low energy dog. But don’t let his low energy fool you into thinking he doesn’t need exercise. Because of his size and low energy, he can also be more prone to obesity and other related health problems. A little activity keeps the weight off.

  • Walks – regular walks are fine. Long daily walk even better. However, because of their strength, your Bullmastiff should be trained well to walk well on a leash.
  • Hiking – a good activity if long, low-key walks

Suggested Exercise Plan

  • 2x a day for 20-30 minutes each, or
  • 1x a day for 30-45 minutes

Things To Note

Bullmastiffs can not tolerate extremes of temperature because of its short, thin fur. Don’t walk if it is colder than sweater weather or if it’s a hot summer day.