Exercising Your Cavalier King Charles SpanielGood Exercises For Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These small dogs were bred as companions in the 1500’s and to hunt small game. Later, this breed became a favorite of King Charles I and was popular with royalty for a long time, then became rare, but through search and breeding, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was once again popular in the 20’s in the US.

Breed Type

Companion or Toy

Physical Characteristics

  • Small, well-balanced, graceful dog
  • Long, drop-set high ears and long tail
  • Long hair


  • Gentle, friendly, affectionate and happy dog
  • Outgoing and easy-going, gets along with everyone, including other dogs, and loves to be around people
  • Intelligent and eager – responds well to training
  • moderate energy level – an active dog that likes to chase

Best Exercises

This little dog needs a moderate amount of hearty exercise every day, but it doesn’t have to be long or exhaustive. This dog likes to be outside but is not really hearty for extreme temperatures. And this breed does very well in competitive obedience.

  • Daily, energetic walk – 20 to  40 minutes
  • Hikes – keep this dog on a lead unless she responds well to being recalled
  • Active games, especially chasing games like Fetch and Tag
  • Dog parks
  • Dog sports
    • Agility
    • Competitive obedience
    • Canine freestyle dancing

Suggested Exercise Plan

A short to medium walk every day, a game of Fetch in the yard, OR ample time to run at a dog park.

Things To Note