Exercising Your ChihuahuaGood Exercises For Your Chihuahua

This popular breed is not only the smallest breed in the world it is also the oldest breed on the American continent. A native to Mexico, it received its name from the Mexican State of Chihuahua. The dogs were sacred to Pre-Columbian Indian nations and were also popular pets to the upper class. The dogs are prized for their size and are most valued to some fanciers when they weigh under 2-1/4 pounds (1.3 kg.). Because of their size, they are ideal for small houses or apartments. Remember that Chihuahuas are like babies or kids – if they aren’t treated gently, they will snap.

Breed Type

Companion Dog

Physical Characteristics


  • brave, lively, proud and adventurous
  • loyal, tends to become attached to one person
  • does not tend to get along well with other dog breeds or young children
  • intelligent, learn quickly, and respond well
  • low activity level

Best Exercises

  • Short walk (10 – 15 minutes)
  • Easy, short games of fetch or chase in the house

Suggested Exercise Plan

Even tiny Chihuahuas need exercise, but not much. A short walk once or (younger dogs) twice a day is enough or some playtime indoors if the weather is not good. Don’t overdo it with this dog, and be aware of health issues that can affect them having a pleasant walk.

Things To Note

This breed has a few issue to be aware of in consideration of exercise. Some adults have a soft spot on the top of the skull called a “molera” (usually closes when the dog is a puppy), making the dog prone to injury. This breed has a tenancy to wheeze and snore, because of their small, short muzzles. Chihuahuas as well has other breeds have a tendency to develop a luxating patella, a joint disorder that basically causes the leg to lock up. And this breed has a tendency for low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), which would be exacerbated by too much activity. This is all to say, you should exercise your dog, but take it easy if you notice conditions and get the dog to a vet.