Good Exercises For Your ChinookExercising Your Chinook

The Chinook is a unique and rare breed of sled dog, developed in 1917 from the offspring of a Greenland Husky and a St. Bernard mix. Developed in the New England region of the US, this breed is famous for hauling freight on Admiral Byrd’s 1929 Antarctic Expedition and setting several dog sledding records along the way.

Breed Type

Northern Breed

Physical Characteristics

  • medium to large dog
  • muscular but compact, not bulky
  • ears that drop, but can be pricked up
  • dense, double-coat of medium length


  • moderate-energy dogs
  • loyal, dedicated and hard-working, reliable when off-leash
  • gentle and calm, aloof but not aggressive with strangers and gets along with children and other animals
  • intelligent and versatile, willing and trainable but takes a little time
  • playful, but sensitive – they don’t take well to harsh training

Best Exercises

The Chinook need some movement every day, but this is not a hyperactive breed–it does not take a lot to give him or her a satisfying session.

  • Walks – daily, moderate (25 – 40 minutes) walk at a steady pace is fine
  • Hiking – moderate to long, low-key hikes are great
  • Dog Sports:
    • Agility – these agile dogs are natural for this sport
    • Flyball
    • Obedience – a smart breed that likes to work hard and likes to please
    • Dog-packing
    • Skijoring – these strong dogs like to pull and are great in cold temperatures
  • Training
    • Obedience training
    • Search and rescue
  • Dog Parks – these dogs were bred to work with teams, are calm, and get along well other dogs

Suggested Exercise Plan

At a minimum, 1 session per day (more for younger dogs) of at least 20 – 30 minutes each, although they are up for more or longer sessions. Do include occasionally have a long walk or hike.

Things To Note

In addition to sled-pulling, Chinooks can be used for carting, obedience, flyball, search & rescue, and packing. The build of the dog, coupled with their agile movement and drive, make them great agility dogs. This breed has a tendency for hip dysplasia and epilepsy.