Good Exercises For Your Chow ChowExercising Your Chow Chow

The Chow Chow originates in Asia, but the exact origin of is unknown, but it is known to be a very old breed. Pictures on Chinese pottery which looked like the Chow Chow date back as far back as 206 BC. Some believe this dog was a cross between the an older Mastiff  breed and the Samoyed and that it might be related to the Chinese Shar-Pei, as both breeds origins point to China and both have the distinctive trait of the black and blue mouth. The Chow Chow became popular in Europe during the Victorian era and first appeared in the US in the 1890s.

Breed Type

Northern Breed

Physical Characteristics

  • medium-sized, stocky dog
  • square-body with broad head and a short muzzle
  • the profuse, dense, furry coat comes in two varieties, smooth coat and rough coat


  • a well-mannered, even aloof dog, not especially playful
  • reserved with strangers but loyal to family and can be quite good with children
  • alert, smart, willful-needs firm authority and training from puppy hood
  • not particularly friendly to other dogs
  • low to moderate in activity

Best Exercises

  • Casual, moderate-length (20- 30 minutes) walks
  • Casual play in the yard – game of Catch or Hide and Seek, Chase, etc
  • Play in the snow
  • Casual hike
  • Obedience training sessions

Suggested Exercise Plan

Chow Chow are not a high-energy dog, but they do need regular exercise not only to stay physically fit but also to have something to do every day. This is a thoughtful breed and without a regular activity and a way to expend energy, they can bored and mischievous, even destructive. Also, Chow Chows enjoy cool weather and may even romp in the snow. A moderate walk most days (very early or very late if warm weather) and a 20-minute play session once or twice a week.

Things To Note

Chow Chows can be prone to hip dysplasia and knee problems. This breed does not do well exercising in hot or humid weather.