Exercising Your CollieGood Exercises For Your Collie

The Collie’s exact origin of the collie are unknown, but they were bred for many work purposes: farm dog, herder, water rescue, drover, and guarding flocks of sheep. They even became popular as a companion dog in the early 1900’s in Scotland and England. In fact, the breed’s name comes from the Scottish word for a black sheep.

Breed Type

Herding Dog

Physical Characteristics

  • a large, strong but agile dog
  • two coat varieties, the rough and smooth


  • sweet and even-tempered
  • highly intelligent and very trainable
  • outgoing, friendly with people, good with children, gets along with other dogs
  • loyal and protective of their family members
  • active, but not high energy dog

Best Exercises

  • Walks – medium (20 minutes) to long (40+) walks
  • Jogging – moderate running (up to 30 minutes)
  • Swimming
  • Training for competitive games (whether you compete or not)
  • Games that involve chasing or are mentally challenging
  • Dog Parks  – Collies tend to be friendly dogs, if yours is trained and socialized, look at the local dog park

Suggested Exercise Plan

A good walk of at least 30 minutes many days. If you and the dog are in shape, a good jog is even better. Include at least a couple of vigorous play sessions in during the week (fetch, dog park, training session, etc.)

Things To Note

This breed is prone to eye defects (Collie eye anomaly) and hip problems leading to acute lameness and arthritis. Collies may need sunblock on their nose as they are often sensitive to the sun.