Exercising Your Doberman PinscherGood Exercises For Your Doberman Pinscher

This breed was developed in Germany in the late 1880’s for use as a police, guard, and military dog. The Doberman Pinscher is thought to be a cross between several dogs including the “old” short-haired German Shepherd, the German Pinscher, the Rottweiler, the Weimaraner, the black and tan Manchester Terriers, and the English Greyhound.

Breed Type

Guardian Dog

Physical Characteristics

  • medium sized dog
  • squarely built with a strong, muscular body
  • tail is docked at the age of 3 days
  • short-haired dog


  • active dog with tremendous strength and stamina
  • intelligent, very trainable and highly skilled, versatile
  • stereotyped as being ferocious and aggressive, very manageable when trained and socialized
  • loyal and devoted to family
  • tolerant and tends to get along with others, children, and other animals
  • determined, bold and assertive while working

Best Exercises

The Doberman has lots of energy and stamina when needed, but is actually only a moderately active dog. He or she needs a decent amount of exertion, it doesn’t have to be high-octane activities, but he or she does need a workout every single day. In fact, this intelligent dog can be stimulated with activities that are more mental than active.

  • moderate to long walk (30 to 40 minutes), once or twice a day
  • obedience lessons (20 minutes or more)
  • training session (30 minutes or more)
  • challenging games such as Hide and Seek or find-the-toy
  • romp in the dog park (if dog is trained and obedient)

Suggested Exercise Plan

A moderate walk twice a day OR one moderate walk and a session of training or games.

Things To Note

Doberman can be a willful dog if his or her owner does NOT display the proper leadership or provide enough exercise. Be firm and provide regular steady activity.