Travelling with Your Dog


Exercise The Dog While Travelling On VacationYou’ve packed his dish, brought his toys, your host knows he’s coming. Do a little research ahead of time and outline a plan for exercise. Getting enough exercise for your dog while travelling can be the key to a great trip or a nightmare.

New Situations

When going on vacation your dog is going someplace different than his or her home, meeting new people, and having new experiences (even when visiting someplace she has been before). How will she react in situations that may be unfamiliar, confusing or even overwhelming? Anxious? Barky? Aggressive? Destructive?

Keeping a Routine

Exercise helps your dog work off her nervous energy, no matter where it is coming from, and can help keep your dog on an even keel. Plus maintaining a regular schedule on the road – mealtimes, sleep time, and exercise time – will do a lot for his comfort level.

  • Don’t forget to think about how and when you will exercise your dog at your destination AND while you are travelling.
  • Check the weather where you are going, especially if the weather at your destination is very different from yours at home. That way you can plan to make adjustments to the exercise routine as needed.
  • Ask a dog owner at your destination for tips or advice on when, where and how you can exercise your dog there.
  • If possible, stick with the same exercise routines you use at home.
  • It is better to exercise your dog than not, so be creative with the spaces you have available to you. For instance, you may find that exercising indoors, in hallways, stairwells, parking garages offer some privacy and shelter from the elements.
  • Plan a sightseeing schedule where your dog can walk with you.

A calm dog will make for an enjoyable trip for you and her!