Exercising Your English SetterGood Exercises For Your English Setter

The first strains of setters were developed in France in 1500, obtained from the Spanish Pointer and the French Pointer, but as you can tell by the name, were made popular in England. They are bred to find and point game in open country. These early setters were originally called “Setting Spaniels”, named after the way they would crouch down after finding the pray to allow the hunter to throw a net over it.

Breed Type

Gun Dog

Physical Characteristics

  • large, lean, muscular dog
  • the coat is flat, silky and wavy and long with feathering on the tail, back of the legs, underside
  • the ears are set back and low


  • exuberant, high energy that needs lots of exercise
  • loves outdoors and well suited to hunting
  • good-natured, mild, friendly, the field type is more active than the show type
  • gets along with everyone including children and enjoys playing with other dogs
  • can also be strong-willed and mischievous

Best Exercises

This breed is high-energy and needs a vigorous workout. Without regular stimulation, the breed can become a couch potato or show nuisance behaviors such as excessive barking.

  • Walks – Long, brisk walks (45+ minutes)
  • Hikes – A great mental and physical activity for this breed. If you and your dog are in shape, pick more challenging walks.
  • Dog Parks – a well-suited energy outlet for this breed, a romp in the park with some friends can give a good workout.
  • Running – these are hard working dogs and good for medium-length and  distance runs
  • Running games

Suggested Exercise Plan

The ideal situation for this breed of dog is an hour of hard exertion most days.

Things To Note

This breed has a tendency for  developing hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and a specific form of cancer in older members of the breed.