Exercising Your French BulldogGood Exercises For Your French Bulldog

This breed of bulldog (as opposed to the American or English bulldog) was bred from a miniature English Bulldog bulldog of English workers who migrated to France, where these dogs became very popular. These dogs mated with other breeds and became the French Bulldog.

Breed Type

Companion Dog

Physical Characteristics

  • stocky, muscular, heavy-dog
  • short muzzle
  • erect ears, short tail
  • short hair


  • affectionate, sweet, patient
  • loyal, needs consistent contact with human companion
  • intelligent, but can be stubborn
  • gets along with most people, strangers, children and other animals
  • low-energy dog

Best Exercises

The French Bulldog needs minimal exercise, but he does need some exertion every day. Not to mention, this is good bonding time for a loyal breed.

  • Walks – Casual walks are good
  • Dog Park – this breed tends to be social and gets along with other dogs
  • Hiking – Pick easy, level trails and walk at an easy pace

Suggested Exercise Plan

Suggested exercise plan

  • 1 exercise session per day for 15-25 minutes


Things To Note

Bulldog breeds have shorter nostrils and windpipes. This, plus their heavy frame, makes it more likely for this dog to have breathing problems in cold or hot weather and makes the possibility of heatstroke a real problem. Easy and moderate exercise is good. Just because this breed requires little active exercise does NOT mean you can neglect exercise. Some activity but necessary for good body weight and healthy heart, lung, and joint functions.