Exercising Your German PointerGood Exercises For German Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) was developed in the 1800’s  in (you guessed it) Germany for hunting. A cross for various pointers and scenthounds, the breed was the developed to be versatile – to point, to trail at night, and to retrieve on land or in water.

Breed Type

Gun Dog

Physical Characteristics

  • medium to large size
  • well-balanced, streamlined with strong legs.
  • double coat of short, smooth hair


  • high energy dog that needs lots of exercise
  • enthusiastic and boisterous
  • gets along with everyone including children and enjoys playing with other dogs
  • hard working and intense, loves outdoors and well suited to hunting
  • intelligent and trainable but exuberant

Best Exercises

This breed is high-energy and needs a vigorous workout. Without it, this breed can become high-strung, hyperactive, frustrated or display destructive tendencies.

  • Walks – Long, brisk walks (45+ minutes)
  • Hikes – A great mental and physical activity for this breed. If you and your dog are in shape, pick more challenging walks.
  • Dog Parks – a well-suited energy outlet for this breed, a romp in the park with some friends can give a good workout.
  • Running – these are hard-working dogs and great partners for distance runs
  • Hunting
  • Pulling activities such as carting, scootering and skijoring
  • Water play and sports like swimming, walking on the beach and dock jumping
  • Dog Sport training:

Suggested Exercise Plan

The ideal situation for this active breed is at least hour of hard exertion most days.

Things To Note

This breed has a tendency for developing hip dysplasia.