Good Exercises For Your HarrierExercising Your Harrier

The Harrier is a type of hound historically used for hunting hares.  It resembles the Beagle, but is a little larger, and was developed from various crosses of the English Foxhound with other breeds. While it was used primarily to hunt hares in Great Britain, the Harrier has also been used in fox hunting there but has often been used for other jobs in North America including as a companion.

Breed Type


Physical Characteristics
  • Medium sized dog
  • Solid, muscular
  • Drop ears
  • Hard, short coat
  • Friendly and outgoing
  • Joyful and tolerant, gets along with almost everyone including other dogs and children
  • Prefers to be around people, other dogs, or both.
  • Intelligent and curious
  • Likes roaming, exploring, sniffing and trailing, but can be distracted if off-leash
  • Moderate to high energy
Best Exercises
  • Walks – long (45 minute+) walks
  • Running – sprinting and medium distances (up to 10 miles or 45 minutes )
  • Hikes – this dog loves to track—the mental stimulation of a hike will be satisfying
  • Dog Sports training:
  • Dog parks
  • Active games in the yard or park
Suggested Exercise Plan

Hounds that were bred to work long days need sufficient daily exercise. The Harrier was bred to run after small, fast prey for distances. Long walks or shorter vigorous runs can satisfy this dog’s need to work.  Without appropriate exercise, the breed has a tendency to be hyperactive or gain too much weight.A couple of long daily walks would work well for this dog. Interject a hike and a couple of play sessions in your week, and you will help him or her expend a lot of energy happily.

Things To Note

The Harrier has a tendency for hip dysplasia and for epilepsy.