Exercising Your Miniature PinscherGood Exercises For Your Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher is a German breed. It is often called the “King Of The Toys”. This breed was developed from the short-haired German Pinscher and the Dachshund or Italian Greyhound. This dog was used as a barnyard ratter controlling the rodent population in the stables. It looks like a mini Doberman Pinscher (but is not related to it and, in fact, is an older breed) most likely because both the Miniature Pinscher and the Doberman both were developed from the German Pinscher.

Breed Type

Companion Dog

Physical Characteristics

  • small, compact, sturdy, muscular dog
  • front legs are straight, small feet are cat-like in shape
  • short, smooth, hard coat; coat colors include black with rust markings, chocolate with tan red, stag red (red with black hairs)


  • a hardy dog who is proud, fearless and self-confident
  • loyal, spirited and alert, with high energy
  • intelligent, alert and lively
  • wary around strangers, sometimes aggressive with other dogs and can be provoked into aggressive behavior
  • moderate to moderate-high energy level

Best Exercises

  • lively games of Fetch or Chase
  • agility training
  • competitive obedience training
  • brisk, medium (30-minutes to long 50+ minutes) walks

Suggested Exercise Plan

This is a lively and smart dog, it is best to challenge them mentally as well as give their legs a stretch.  A brisk walk every day at a minimum plus a 20 – 30 minutes chasing game several times a week.

Things To Note

This breed has a tendency for hip dysplasia and luxating patellas, so wait until your dog is full grown before active exercises or agility training and get them check if any limping.