Good Exercises For Your Neapolitan Mastiff

All European Mastiffs are the descendants of the Tibetan Mastiff and are presumed to have been brought from India by Alexander the Great.  The Neapolitan Mastiff is a fairly large dog used for many decades as a guardian breed. This breed, with roots in Italy, is a bear-like, loving dog, with the right owner.

Breed Type

Guardian Dog

Physical Characteristics
  • tall
  • long eared
  • wrinkly face, muzzle ,and nose
  • short coated
  • loose skinned
  • protective of family
  • loving and affectionate
  • prone to aggression towards strangers and strange dogs
  • is good near children when trained well
Best Exercises
  • short to medium walks (15 – 40 minutes)
  • leisurely hikes
  • short games (15 – 20 minutes) at catch or any game where they chase things
Suggested Exercise Plan

Even though this is a big dog, his exercise needs are rather low. At least one short to moderate walk – casual or brisk – every day is good.

Things To Note
  • Do NOT over exercise young Neapolitan Mastiffs (under a year). They may look grown, but they are NOT. Bones and joints are still developing and too much exercise can negatively impact development.
  • Train this breed to walk properly on a leash while young, or have obedience lessons if you get this dog older. Walks with a large dog that pulls or darts will quickly be frustrating.
  • Dogs with short muzzles do not do well in hot weather. Have a little playtime indoors instead of a walk on hot days (above mid-80’s).
  • This dog is prone to Cherry Eye and bloat.
  • This breed often needs exposure to other dogs and people early on to avoid being aggressive.