Exercising Your NewfoundlandGood Exercises For Your Newfoundland

The Newfoundland dog was developed as a drafting and general working dog on the island of Newfoundland, off the coast of Eastern Canada. These dogs were used to tow lines and nets and for water rescue. This gentle giant believed this breed is likely descended from Great Pyrenees brought to Canada by fishermen.

Breed Type


Physical Characteristics

  • large, powerful dog – 100 to 150 pounds
  • drop ears and long tail
  • thick double coat


  • gentle, calm disposition, excellent with children
  • loves water, known for attempting to rescue swimmers whether or not they are in trouble
  • intelligent, loyal, obedient
  • tremendous strength
  • moderate to low energy level

Best Exercises

  • The Newfoundland is happy to lie around the house, but he or she still needs some daily walk or exercise.
    • Walks – brisk moderate walk 20 to 40 minutes.
    • Swimming or water play – as much as you are willing to let him or her have
    • Games – 20 minutes of frolicking games
    • Play in the snow

Suggested Exercise Plan

A brisk walk 30 minutes every day is a good idea. Or play short but energetic games indoors when the weather is hot.

Things To Note

  • Because of his large size, teaching the dog to walk properly on a leash is very important. Or he will inadvertently walk you.
  • Likes cold weather – feel free to play in the snow or outside when it is cold.
  • Not a good hot weather dog, keep exercise short on hot days.
  • Prone to dysplasia (knee and elbow).