Exercising Your PomeranianGood Exercises For Your Pomeranian

The Pomeranian comes from Pomerania a region in eastern Germany. It is a descendant of German larger spitz dog that was used for pulling sleds and herding sheep. The breed has been made popular by many royal owners since the 17th century including Queen Victoria.

Breed Type

Companion or Toy Dog

Physical Characteristics

  • a small, sturdy dog
  • thick double coat


  • spunky out-going dog
  • friendly
  • highly intelligent and very trainable
  • if not socialized, may be unfriendly, territorial, and aggressive
  • loyal, protective, and alert (likes to bark alerts)
  • moderate energy level (high energy, shorter bursts)

Best Exercises

The Pomeranian may be small but it is an active.

  • Walks – short (20 minutes), brisk walk or moderate (30 – 40 minutes), leisurely walk
  • Open field or dog parks – this breed can benefit from a short, off-leash romp and run if in a safe area or he is well-trained on recall commands
  • Games – short games in the yard or house, especially those that involve bursts of running
  • Tricks – this dog loves to learn and teach tricks, especially more physically ones, will probably be fun for both of you

Suggested Exercise Plan

You want to exercise this breed every day for a few reason:

  • for good physical health, of course
  • this breed tends to bond quickly and deeply with its owner and can suffer separation anxiety, regular exercise helps ease anxiety
  • this breed is highly intelligent and having activity every day helps to temper bad or mischievous behavior

The Pomeranian does not need long exercise sessions.

Things To Note

The Pomeranian has some tolerance for cold, so don’t be afraid to walk outdoors in the winter. This breed has a tendency for developing a luxating patella.