Exercising Your Siberian HuskyGood Exercises For Your Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies were used for by the Chukchi Tribe, natives of Siberia, to pull sleds, herd reindeer and as a watchdog. This breed is believed to be about 3000 years old and because of geographic isolation, was kept a very pure breed until the 1900’s. These dogs have great stamina and are light weight. The Siberian Huskies talents are sledding, carting and racing and are good companion dogs.

Breed Type

Northern Breed

Physical Characteristics

  • medium sized dog
  • strong, compact, muscular working sled dogs
  • double coat of medium length


  • active, lively, high-energy dog
  • friendly, outgoing, playful
  • loving, gentle, and happy-go-lucky: good with children, great family dog, friendly with strangers and good with other pets
  • very intelligent and trainable
  • independent, will roam and is known as an escape artist

Best Exercises

  • Long walks – 45+ minutes
  • Long hikes – challenging hikes in challenging terrain is great
  • Jogging – long distance runs are great – 8+ miles or 1+ hour
  • Training for competitive games (whether you compete or not)
  • SkijoringCanicrossBikejoring
  • Games that involve chasing or are mentally challenging
  • Dog Parks –Huskies can be friendly, playful dogs, if yours is trained and socialized, look at the local dog park

Suggested Exercise Plan

This active dog, bred to run tirelessly for miles. You need to give him or her ample daily exercise every day such as a long walk or a long run. Incorporate play and games regularly to exercise their mind too. And plan to go out in the wintertime, this dog loves the cold.

Things To Note

This breed likes to roam. Be careful doing any activities off-leash. This breed does not do well in the heat, do not overexercise or go light on high-temperature days, over 82 degrees or high humidity). Prone to hip dysplasia.