Exercising Your WhippetGood Exercises For Your Whippet

The Whippet was developed more than 100 years ago in England as a racing dog and a ratter for the working class. It is believed to be a cross of various terriers (thus the ability and nature to chase vermin), the Greyhound, the Italian Greyhound and maybe even the Pharaoh Hound. Even though they are in the hound family, they were not deemed great hunting dogs. In fact, its name derives from the expression “whip it” meaning to move quickly. Today they are still used in racing.

Breed Type


Physical Characteristics

  • medium-size dog
  • lean, narrow shoulders and hips, long neck
  • muscular


  • quiet and gentle dogs
  • friendly and loving, likes people, children, and other dogs
  • has a prey instinct, loves to chase and roam
  • can be intense, but content to spend much of the day resting – has high energy in spurts
  • intelligent

Best Exercises

  • Jogging and running – up to 30 minutes will do
  • Brisk walks – 30 minutes or less will do
  • Chasing games especially with a lure in an enclosed area.
  • Fetching games in an enclosed area
  • Bicycling and rollerblading – this dog tends to do well around others
  • Dog sports that involve running and thinking
    • lure coursing
    • agility
    • flyball
    • competitive obedience
  • Not rough-housing. This is a loving, well-behaved, sensitive breed.
  • Off leash not a good idea. This dog likes to chase game, especially rabbits, and are fast and can run a long distance.

Suggested Exercise Plan

Even though the Whippet is known as a runner, this is not an active breed at all. They like to lay around, but also love to have opportunities for sprinting or brief, high-energy activities.

  • Give this dog a brisk walk 30 minutes every day.
  • Fetching or chasing games weekly to engage their chasing instinct.

Things To Note

This breed has relatively few health problems other than arrhythmia. Their lean muscle mass and short coat means they get cold easily in cold weather. A dog coat or sweater is a must.