Exercising Your Yorkshire TerrierGood Exercises For Your Yorkshire Terrier

This breed is a descendant of the several British terriers including Waterside and Old English black-and-tan terrier, and was originally called a Broken-Haired Scotch terrier but was renamed in the late 1800’s to represent the city where this dog was developed, Yorkshire, England. The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, was originally bred to control rats in mines and cotton mills and was very popular with working class people. Yorkies became fashionable with wealthy and aristocrats and more of a companion dog in the Victorian era. Despite the name, the Yorkshire Terrier is now considered a companion dog.

Breed Type

Companion or Toy Dog

Physical Characteristics

  • small dog, but well balanced (good proportions, good sense of balance)
  • erect ears
  • long coat


  • courageous, assertive, protective and barky
  • tends to get along with other animals and children
  • loves attention and may be demanding
  • smart and easy to train
  • active, despite size, not a good lap dog

Best Exercises

  • Walks – short is fine, 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Running games – indoors or in the yard, Chase, Hide and Seek, Fetch
  • Teaching and practicing tricks

Suggested Exercise Plan

  • short walk daily OR
  • short games or training sessions, 1 or 2 sessions of 10 to 15 minutes

Yorkies are energetic dogs and tend to exercise themselves in their own home and yard. Still, you should interact with them. During cold or very hot weather, play short games inside or teach tricks. During good weather, a short walk outside is good chance for them to work off energy and explore outside.

Things To Note

Because of their small size, Yorkies are more likely to be injured by falls (overestimating the distance they can handle), other dogs and their own owner’s awkward handling.