How to Choose Good Pet Insurance

pet insurance for older dogsChances are that if you have come across this page you’re in the market to choose, or look at, pet insurance for older dogs. Choosing insurance for your elderly dog is a daunting task, but one that you must look at especially considering your dog is part of your family! There may be various reasons why you haven’t jumped on the wagon yet, but don’t feel alone, according to American Animal Hospital Association only three percent of pet owners have chosen to get insurance for their furry loved ones.

Now, there could be numerous reasons why you don’t have insurance for your pet yet, and we will go over some common ones such as: Not knowing which policy is best for your pet, putting it off and procrastinating, feeling that it is too expensive, or not knowing which type of coverage you should get for your animal. Whatever this reason may be, I hope if you get anything out of reading this, you just take action! This could be the step to saving you a significant amount of money, or maybe even the life of that furry loved one that is part of your family.

Some interesting facts you should realize if you’re on the fence about pet insurance for older dogs.

  • pet insurance old dogEighty eight percent of people think of their pet as part of their family
  • A survey done by the American Kennel Club has shown that the average per year cost for a pet’s healthcare is around 1500$
  • There are different types of insurance plans that cover different aspects of your pets health, make sure to choose one you feel you need.
  • Many companies simply do not have coverage for older dogs, most not allowing a policy for over 10 years old. Make sure to get coverage before its late!
  • Cancer is one of the more known reasons an older dog goes to heaven, so it is a good idea to make sure your plan offers coverage for cancer.
  • Take into consideration that today’s insurance plans will not cover preexisting conditions with your pet.
  • Considering the average yearly cost is roughly 1500$, Paying between a 25-50 dollars per month premium is well worth getting a policy for your loved one.
  • The end of your dog’s life is commonly where you have to take on the most expenses that come with having a pet in your life.
  • Between the years 1994 – 2003 the expenses associated with veterinary care have rose 76%.

Choosing Pet Insurance for Older Dogs

If you’re having a difficult time figuring out which policy or coverage your pet needs you are not alone, but this shouldn’t keep you from getting a policy. Choosing a policy is along the lines of choosing one for yourself. There are a few different types of coverage you will encounter such as: Standard accident, illness, emergency, and other options for routine and preventive. You need to figure out how much you can afford out of pocket, what you want for a deductible, how much of a reimbursement you want, and what types of coverage you want on your plan. You must also be careful and read the fine print of the policy you choose. Policyholders typically bring their pet into the veteran, have the work done that they need, and claim for a reimbursement. It would be very disappointing if you thought you had a certain type of coverage, brought them in, made a claim, and found out you couldn’t get anything back on your claim.

Another hold up that one may run into when getting insurance is simply procrastinating. You may think that your pet won’t be the one to get sick, or I don’t need to get insurance for another year. One might think that the cost of the premium just doesn’t make sense to what you’re spending with veterinarian care already. Well trust me, don’t put this off and follow your instincts. If this scenario was your daughter instead of your pet, you’d get the insurance in a heartbeat. Putting off pet insurance can end up costing you a lot of money, the life of a loved one, or feeling insecure day to day knowing you’re not protected. Not to mention, if you read the facts above you’d know that paying that premium is a way better deal than paying the average 1500$ per year that most people spend on their pets care.

One last reason a lot of Americans pass up the chance for pet insurance is that they feel it is too expensive. This is a common misconception that leads to a lot of disasters. The one time you think it is too expensive you end up having to make an emergency visit which costs you an arm and leg. On average we are spending about forty dollars a month for your pet insurance premiums. This cost can easily be worth it for a variety of reason. You may have to start getting medicine in regular intervals for your pet, totally worth it then. Like I said above, maybe it is an emergency visit. Maybe at the end of your dog’s life he get cancer, which is extremely expensive to have anything done with. Whatever it may be, it’s more common that you think, and having that insurance can give you the protection and coverage you need, while saving you money at the same time. Also, possibly giving your loved one another 1-3 years.

If you could take one thing from this article I would hope you realize that your older dog is well worth the investment of pet insurance. Not only are you going to save a bunch of money doing this, you could definitely be saving a life as well. It’s surprising that only three percent of Americans have insurance on their household pets, let’s try to make that more. Getting pet insurance for older dogs is something that you shouldn’t put off, especially considering that they are part of your family.