Our Guide Of Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers


recently posted a guide for purchasing gifts for dog owners, this post will be more geared towards gift for dog lovers who adore dogs, but don’t actually have one. Fun presents that can show the world that you love dogs! This list of gifts is perfect for someone who works with dogs, or perhaps has a furry family member that they adore. We really do think that there is something for everyone on this list, whether you’re shopping for a gift for Christmas, a birthday, or any other special occasion.

Love Dogs Hoodie


the cold sets in, what better present to give than a warm and cozy Dog Paw Print hoodie? These cotton blend hoodies make a great gift for a wife, girlfriend, sister, or any lady in your life that loves dogs. One of our favorite features is that they are printed right here in the USA, and we love supporting American businesses! The hoodie is available in multiple sizes and 4 different colors meaning you’re certain to find a style for everyone.  TeeStars has also gone above and beyond and offered a 100% money back guarantee! We’re sure these hoodies are going to be under a lot of Christmas trees of dog lovers this holiday season.

Don’t worry fellas, we didn’t forget about you, you can get a Dog Paw Print hoodie on Amazon too!

Dog Lover Paw Print - Love Dogs My Best Friend Women Hoodie

Cute Wine Glass

dachshund wine glass


giving is made easy with this super cute wine glass. It’s Been A Long Day wine glasses combine two things that everybody loves, wine after a long, hard day, and cute dogs! A perfect gift for Christmas or special occasion. These wine glasses are made of high-quality, tough, dishwasher safe glass and feature the profile of a dachshund with the phrase “It’s Been A Long Day” on one side, with two little paws on the other side. Drinking Divas ships each wine glass in a sturdy gift box with tissue paper to ensure safe arrival to the destination. Like most gifts that we feature this one also comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your purchase.

If you know anyone who enjoys wine and loves dogs this wine glass is certain to be a hit gift with them!

Adorable Throw Pillow


they can’t talk, our dogs always manage to teach us so much about ourselves and life in general with the way that they love us so unconditionally. Well now you can feature advice from a dog in your home with this throw pillow. Featuring wisdom straight from the hearts of dogs for us to remember. The pillow has texts on both sides and is great for cozying up with in a reading chair, or featuring on couch or bench. 

Amazon users have fabulous things to say about this pillow and it ranks at 4.8 out of 5 stars after customer review. Certain to be an excellent choice of gift dog lovers in your life.

Dog Throw Pillow

“Shed Happens” Magnet

Dog Window Sticker


doesn’t love a good euphemism? I know that I do, making this magnet my personal favorite gift on this list. There’s one universal truth that all dog owners know, and that’s that “Shed Happens!”, unless of course you have a hypoallergenic or non-shedding dog. Show off your silly side by gifting this magnet for someone to proudly stick on their car, refrigerator, or any magnetic surface to boast of your love for dogs. Not too mention this magnet is manufactured right here in the USA by Fundraising4pets

One Amazon user had this funny insight to share about this magnet, “Now I don’t have to rush to clean my home when unexpected guests arrive because it is clearly announced on my front door that “Shed Happens” with this magnetic masterpiece!”. Stock a stuffing this Christmas, or gift this magnet for any occasion and you’ll be sure to get a hilarious laugh from the recipient.

“Shake” Coffee Table Book


entertaining, as well as remarkably recorded, Shake is a heartwarming collection of  dogs caught in one of the most candid of moments: mid-shake. This coffee table book is sure to be a page turner as you view page after page of man’s best friend caught in shaking off water: hair wild, eyes wild, ears and jowls flopping around.

While you were reading that overview did you think of someone who would love this book? It’s certain to make a hilarious gift for a dog lover on your Christmas list.

Shake Coffee Table Book

Check Out This Fashionable Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf


are always a hot accessory to pair with different outfits. this very cute scarf is super soft and made of  light-weight material but still keeps you stylishly toasty. Lab owners especially will appreciate this infinity scarf as it features the profile of a labrador. Available in multiple colors you are sure to find the perfect color to gift to any lady in your life.

This scarf will make a special gift for friends or family, a great gift to give for any occasion, and certainly to give for Christmas!

Drink Wine In Style With This Wine Glass


another great gift for wine lovers makes the list! This wine glass set is ideal for getting the party started as it can be purchased from Amazon in either a single wine glass or a set of 2. The message of the glass is simple you’re never drinking alone when the dog is around! In fact it’s always a party when the dog is around. This glass is a perfect for a friend who loves whimsical sayings or is looking to add another cute wine glass to their collection!

Here at Animal Hub we’re experts on animals, not necessarily wines, but if you are looking to pair a bottle of wine with this gift one of my personal favorites is this Sonoma County Red wine which is available on Amazon! Be sure to buy a set of two glasses so you can enjoy the wine with a friend!

Dog Stemless Wine Glass

Hilarious Welcome Mat

Welcome Matt


as Americans love having welcome mats with fun or poetic sayings or images, and we found one that is perfect for dog lovers. This high quality welcome mat serves the purpose that every mat does, but it also tells people that you, Love big mutts. Guests to your house are sure to find this mat to be very goofy and amusing.

There’s 2 things that we love about this mat. First, that it is made here in the USA, and second, that it can be easily cleaned off with a garden hose. So this Christmas season, if you or someone you know has a home with a door, and we’re assuming they do, then this mat will make the perfect gift!

Hot And Cold Beverage Tumbler


you’re anything like me than you always have to have a water bottle with you, or some form of liquid. And, if you love dogs, then this dog person tumbler is perfect for you. One of the many benefits of a reusable tumbler over traditional plastic water bottles, soda cans, or styrofoam coffee cups, is that it keeps waste out of landfills, helping to protect our environment. Not too mention, this one is designed to keep your cold drinks colder for longer and your hot drinks piping hot for longer. And let’s not forget that it tells those around you that you are a dog person and proud of it!

This super cute tumbler is manufactured in the USA, which we adore, and is made free of BPA and Melamine! Additionally it is microwave and dishwasher safe. Amazon users rave about how great this tumbler is, rating it 4.8 out of 5 total stars! Certain to be a hot gift for dog lovers this season, grab one quick for the dog lover on your Christmas list. We’d bet there’s a couple letters to Santa that mention this tumbler.

Dog Tumbler

“Pugs And Kisses” Baking Apron

Dog Apron


know one thing, this apron is the gift I am getting my mother for Christmas this year! She loves to bake, loves dogs, and cute sayings may be one of her favorite things in the world. Do you have someone in your life that loves to bake? This is such a perfect quick and easy gift! Perfect for the man or woman that loves practical and funny gifts! 

So this Christmas, give the gift of fun with this “Pugs and Kisses” apron, its sure to be a hit!

Wrap Up: Gift Ideas To Complete Your List!


presented a bunch of different gift ideas for dog lovers. Whether it’s for a friend or family member, all dog lovers should love these items. Now that you’ve got a list of items to make shopping this holiday season easy, you can make sure your gifts are cute and personable.

We know that there are many many more gift ideas out there. Maybe you’ve found a great one that is a hit with your friends. Or perhaps you’ve tried an accessory on our list, and you want to share your experience with the product. Whatever the case may be, we’d love to hear from you! Make sure to comment below if you’ve got any comments or questions about gifts for dog lovers.