We Summarized Some Options For Your Outdoor Kennel


you’ve read our article “Outdoor Dog Kennels: Guide To The Best For Your Dog”, you’ve learned quite a bit about choosing an outdoor kennel. We hope you found our guide informative and got some inspiration from it. Now we want to discuss flooring for outdoor dog kennels. While many types of kennel flooring are versatile, some are better suited for the outdoors than others. Naturally, you want to pick an option that’s going to be long-lasting and suitable for your dog. That’s why we’ve created this post about flooring ideas for outdoor kennels.

To make things more convenient for you, we’ve divided this post up into four main categories. First, we cover some questions you should ask yourself before you buy kennel flooring. Then we discuss some popular kennel flooring Amazon options. After that, we delve into some do-it-yourself dog kennel flooring ideas. Lastly, we talk about some affordable tools and accessories you can use to keep an outdoor kennel in great shape. If you’re even considering an outdoor kennel for your dog, this post is a must-read for you. So, let’s dive right in!

Factors To Consider Before Buying Outdoor Kennel Flooring


we start exploring your options for outdoor kennel flooring, we want you to ask yourself some questions. You may be eager to get your project started, and that’s perfectly understandable. However, the type of flooring you choose can positively and negatively impact you or your dog. So before we discuss high-quality flooring options, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How big is the kennel going to be? There are a few reasons why you need to ask yourself this question. If you’re on a budget, knowing the size of your kennel will help you calculate flooring costs. Next, if you’re buying hard flooring that cannot be easily modified, you want to buy the precise size you need. Lastly, you need to make sure you order enough flooring mat, tiles, gravel, or whatever material you choose.
  • Are you choosing a water-resistant or waterproof material? When it comes to outdoor kennels, water-resistant flooring is a must-have. Imagine that you unknowingly use a porous material for your kennel floor. This spells disaster when it comes to rain, urine, spills, and more. Check to ensure the material you use is water-resistant or waterproof altogether.
Dog Kennel Cover
  • Are you choosing a heat-resistant material? It’s important to know whether or not the material you use is heat-resistant. If it is not, it may become uncomfortable or even dangerous for your dog during hot weathers. Fortunately, most heat-resistant kennel flooring options clearly state that they are heat resistant in the product description. Alternatively, you can ensure that your kennel is in a shady area or use a roof for kennel floor covering.
  • Will your dog be safe with the material you choose? In the Creating Your Own Outdoor Kennel Flooring Section, we discuss using small river rocks as kennel flooring. If your dog tends to eat small objects like this, you should consider a safer alternative. This is definitely something to think about for the short-term and long-term safety of your furry friend.

Four Popular Types Of Outdoor Dog Kennel Flooring

Rubber-Cal Puzzle Lock Floor Mats


may recognize these brand names from a few previous posts about kennel flooring. They’re consistently popular among dog owners for both indoor and outdoor kennels. These four products, in particular, are very great options for outdoor flooring. They’re durable, comfortable, and built to work well in outdoor environments. This makes them great choices for your furry friend’s kennel floor. Check out these four options to see if any of them catch your eye:

  1. Kennel Deck 3 Pack by Kennel Deck – A quick Google search of “outdoor kennel flooring” will show you just how popular kennel decks are. This brand, in particular, is one we noticed because of the high ratings and high-quality features. First, this flooring is made out of polypropylene; this plastic material is highly resistant to inclement weather. The vented design of this kennel decking allows water and other liquids to flow through onto the ground. That means less mess and less hassle for you. This kennel decking features a non-slip surface, so your dog stays safe and secure while enjoying his outdoor kennel. Lastly, the polypropylene material won’t absorb unpleasant odors, so maintaining this outdoor kennel flooring is a breeze. Overall, this is a great choice if you want elevated kennel flooring that has a lot to offer.
  1. Rubber Cal Elephant Bark Floor Mat by Rubber Cal – You’ll notice that Rubber Cal flooring is in our kennel flooring posts quite a few times. That’s because this brand is well-known, well-loved, and a hot seller on Amazon. This style is a roll-out mat style is incredibly easy to install – no nail guns, no toxic glues, no hassle for you! The material itself is UV-resistant and water-resistant, so it’s an ideal match for outdoor kennels. Between the weather and accidents, you can feel confident that this flooring will hold up. It comes in six different colors and a variety of sizes, so finding what you need isn’t difficult. However, this flooring is also easy to cut and trim. You can quickly customize it to precisely fit your dog’s outdoor kennel. If you need any more convincing, simply give the user reviews a look. They really say a lot about how fantastic this flooring option is. 
  1. Rubber Cal Puzzle Lock Interlocking Floor Tiles by Rubber Cal – Here’s another easy to use and very versatile option from Rubber Cal. These puzzle floor tiles are super easy to put together. Once again, you don’t need any tools or messy adhesive to get the job done. This anti-fatigue style flooring is great if you’ve got an older dog or one who needs a bit of extra comfort. Like the Elephant Bark Floor Mat, these floor tiles come in a variety of different colors that you can choose from. We also noted and liked that this is a very eco-friendly option; it’s made from 75% recycled rubber. Each tile cover 2.5 square feet, so you can use this information to plan ahead before you order. If you want a totally no-fuss option that has a lot to offer, this flooring may certainly be worth trying. 
  1. Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring Rolls by Rubber Cal – Lastly, we want to talk about a super-durable flooring option offered by Rubber Cal. This sturdy and reliable rubber flooring also comes in roll form like the second option on this list. The non-slip design is perfect for outdoor kennels. You only need an easy-to-use double-sided adhesive to secure this flooring into place. In comes in several different size options, so customizing it to fit your dog’s outdoor kennel shouldn’t be a problem. However, you can always trim the material as needed without much hassle at all. This kind of flooring is often used in outdoor walkways and garages, so you know it’s a heavy-duty option that’s really built to last. Like other Rubber Cal floorings, this one has fantastic reviews that are truly worth a read. If you want something super durable but still pretty simple, this may be the best fit for you.

Creating Your Own Outdoor Dog Kennel Flooring


we’ve presented some top-notch options above, we understand that they may not be for everyone. That’s why we wanted to discuss an additional option that you can consider exploring. You can create your own outdoor dog kennel flooring instead of buying it premade. If you like working with your hands or have a very specific design in mind, this may be a good option for you. Due to the low cost of the items needed, it can also be a pretty frugal choice. We’ve presented two options for creating flooring on your own, but you can get as creative and explore as many options as you’d like. These options are popular on do-it-yourself websites and on pet owner forums. You can:

  • Create your own kennel floor decking flooring using wooden pallets, kennel seal, and miscellaneous tools. This is definitely a hands-on project that requires some knowledge and research. But if you enjoy working with on small construction projects and similar things, then this is a cost-effective and fun option to consider. Sites such as YouTube and Pinterest have inspiration, tips, and directions for using wooden pallets to build outdoor flooring, furniture and more.
Pea Gravel
  • Create your own outdoor kennel flooring using small rocks. Nothing says “simple” like pouring stones to instantly create a kennel floor. But instead of using sharp, uneven gravel, you should consider using something smooth such as round river rocks. In this kennel building guide by ok-corrals.com, Step 11 describes why using these rocks is so beneficial. You can also use pea gravel or sand pebbles. No matter which option you choose, they are all very frugal and easy to use. If you do not already have a frame in place to contain the stones, you can build one using wooden planks.

Don’t Forget About Tools And Accessories For Exterior Kennel Flooring

Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator


we finish this post up, we want to remind you how crucial it is to have the right tools and accessories for your outdoor kennel. Cleaning it and keeping it safe is important for your dog’s health and comfort. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a ton of time or money on outdoor kennel maintenance. Check out these tools in order to ensure your dog’s kennel provides him with the best environment possible:

  • A heavy duty spray nozzle for spraying out your dog’s kennel. It’s important to spray the kennel flooring and other kennel surfaces on a regular basis. Attaching a heavy duty spray nozzle to your gardening hose is a simple way to do this. You can remove loose debris, dirt, dog messes, and more with ease.
  • An animal-friendly cleaning agent that thoroughly cleans, disinfects and deodorizes kennel flooring. Deep cleaning your dog’s kennel flooring on a regular basis is crucial. It’s especially necessary if there is feces, urine, or vomit on the flooring. Fortunately, there are many animal-friendly cleaning agents designed to break down organic materials like these. Purchase one to use in your dog’s kennel, and you don’t have to worry about exposing your furry friend to strong, foul chemicals.
  • A sturdy kennel cover for rainy days, hot days, and more. Kennel covers (also referred to as kennel roofs) are a great accessory for any outdoor dog kennel. They keep your dog’s kennel flooring protected from the heat during hot summer days. They keep out rain and other types of intermittent weather. Overall, they make outdoor kennels a more comfortable environment for your dog. You can easily find a kennel cover that fits the shape and size of your dog’s kennel.
  • A few non-slip dog bowls to safely use in your dog’s outdoor kennel. It’s only natural for dogs to make a mess now and again. However, you can keep food and water spills at bay very easily. These stylish and affordable non-slip dog bowls are perfect for setting on outdoor kennel flooring. They’re made from bacteria-resistant stainless steel, making them an even better match for outdoor environments. Each bowl features a natural rubber base that’s designed to keep them in place. Add a few of these to your shopping list to minimize messes in your dog’s outdoor kennel. 

Wrap Up: There Are Plenty of Outdoor Dog Kennel Flooring Options!


you can see from this comprehensive post, your outdoor dog kennel flooring options are far from limited. You can keep it simple and use rubber mats for your dog’s kennel. If you want to step it up a notch, kennel decking is an excellent choice. Feel like diving into a do-it-yourself project? Try out one of the options listed in our “Create Your Own” flooring section. Whatever you end up deciding to do, we’ve provided some high-quality choices for you to consider.

Do you already have some experience with flooring for outdoor dog kennels? If so, we’d love to hear about it. Comment and let us know what materials you’ve used, if you’ve built your own flooring and more. Whatever you want to share with us, feel free! We also encourage you to ask us questions if you’ve got any; we’ll do what we can to provide some guidance for you.