A Wireless Dog Fence Can Be An Easy Solution To a Big Problem

The Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape 2 Wireless Fence dog containment system is a practical alternative to a wired dog containment system. This wireless fence has the largest containment area of any wireless fence on the market, creating a boundary from 40 – 400 feet in diameter and it can cover up to 11 acres with boundary break alerts, keeping your dog safe within their boundary.

Here’s How it Works

The wireless system is configured to contain up to 2 dogs within your set boundary. The collars that you put onto your dogs communicate with the controller and registers how far from the controller they have gone. If your dogs go out of the contained area you have set for them, the controller tells the collar to create a tone or a pulse to get your dog to take corrective action. This particular system has a wider than normal trigger system to help to keep your dog within its allocated containment area more successfully. Sounds quite exciting, right?

Pros of the Havahart Wireless Radial 2 Fence

Byusing a larger trigger zone, this provides more time for a correction to be issued and gives your dog more opportunity to return to within your set boundary. With it having no wires to bury, this makes it quick and easy to set up, with most being up and running within an hour of opening the box. It’s easily portable for when you go away with your dog and need to contain them within an area. You can set different sized containment areas for each dog and, for your dog’s safety, it has a built in 30 second time out feature.

The containment system is not a quick fix to prevent your dogs from roaming. Additional training is still necessary to teach your dogs to recognize that the tone or pulse means that they are outside of their contained area and they will need to come back into it. With this being the case it is vital for owners to invest time into training your dog properly, and how your dog initially responds to the tone and the pulse after your initial training.

Like Any Product, There Are Some Cons

Due to the wireless and circular nature of the Havahart Wireless Dog Fence it is not compatible with all types of property. For Example, if the containment area that you are trying to set for your pet is wooded, sloping, narrow or next to a road, this product would not be suitable to use. The reason for this is due to the circular nature of the boundary.

For instance, in the case of a house with a yard close to the road, the boundary may end in the street, creating an unsafe situation for your dog. Another example would be if you have another house close to your property, the containment area may end on their property, such as in their garden, which would create an undesirable situation for both homeowners.

In the long run, if you spend the time and effort training your dogs to recognize what the correction is and what it means for them, and have the correct type of yard. This can be a successful form of containment for them. Since it has no wires, there is no digging involved when you set it up. It’s easily readable LCD screen makes it really easy to install and it’s easily transportable for use if you take your dog to visit some friends or go camping as well.