Great Places to Hide

As my friend, Mike has said, adults are not always inventive with hiding. Children are creative and fit in more places, so if a kid is available, enlist him or her! But, whether it’s you or the children hiding, be on the lookout for new hiding places in your home. Remember, your dog uses his or her nose more than any other sense when looking for you!

  • In closets, under a pile of clothes in the closet
  • In a pile of blankets on the bed
  • In cupboards or a pantry
  • Behind doors
  • Dog Playing Hide SeekUnder a table draped with a table cloth
  • In the bathtub with shower curtain drawn.
  • Behind floor-length drapes
  • Under the bed
  • Under stairs
  • Between the wall and the sofa
  • In a laundry hamper or under a large clothes basket
  • Under a large box
  • Under the dining room table, lying flat on the chairs that are tucked in
  • On the counter (a spot that is hidden by the fridge or a cabinet)
  • In the corner of a very, very dark room

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