The Safest Dog Treats Are Homemade Dog Treats

Safe Homemade Dog TreatsDog owners thinking about experimenting with homemade dog treat recipes for their pet will be pleased to know that they’re not alone. Increased awareness about the important role a balanced diet plays in long term canine health has led many pet parents to be far more conscious about what foods and treats they choose for their much loved pet. We love to spoil our pups with luxuries, like pet hotels , and treat time is no different.

Many people are also researching homemade dog treat recipes because of scary news about tainted treats from China that were sold under a number of popular brand names at major retailers. The chicken jerky treats, which reputable retailers have since pulled from shelves, caused death by kidney failure in a significant number of pets. Using homemade dog treat recipes rather than relying on store bought treats ensures that the product your dog is being fed is safe and can be trusted.

Finding healthy homemade dog treat recipes requires that you know what elements make up a healthy canine diet so you can avoid unnecessary filler or things that might make your dog sick. Your dog requires both regular exercise and a balanced diet to avoid serious health problems caused by obesity and weight gain, and learning about what she requires is pretty simple. She needs many of the same things you do, just in different proportions! Your dog’s presence makes you healthier, so returning the favor by making sure she has a healthy diet is important. Healthy carbs, nutritious vitamins, essential protein, and heart healthy fats are the four features every canine diet should include.

If you’re interested in homemade dog treat recipes, you probably know that they’re made with the very same food you eat yourself. It’s important to note, though, that not all human food is safe for dogs, and some unsuspecting offenders like grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, nutmeg, and avocado can cause fatal reactions in your pet. Other, more obvious toxic items like alcohol and caffeine must also be avoided, but this is hardly the end of the list of foods that are bad for dogs. Always verify that the recipe you’re using or any ingredient you might want to include is 100% safe for your pup by checking a trusted list of toxic foods.

What human foods are safe and healthy for pups?

– Fruits like apples, blueberries, pears, blackberries, canteloupe, strawberries and pumpkin
– Cooked squash, sweet potato and spinach, all power players in a nutritious human diet
– Lean proteins like poultry, beef and fish, meat meals, soy meal and eggs
– Whole grain based carbohydrates, which offer energy to your pup

Ready For Homemade Dog Treat Recipes That Are Safe And Trusted?

Try out these Pumpkin Pupcakes, which are simple yet highly nutritous. Your dog will love them!


1 1/2 c whole grain flour
2 tsp baking powder
3/4 cup pumpkin puree (be absolutely certain there are no seasonings – nutmeg can be fatal)
3 tsp clover honey
1 large beaten egg
3/4 c water

Grease your favorite muffin tin or line it with paper wrappers and heat your oven to 350 F.

Grab a large mixing bowl with high sides and combine your wet ingredients – pumpkin, honey, water and egg – until a slurry is formed.

Sift in the whole grain flour, stirring to make a smooth and sticky batter with few lumps.

Carefully pour the batter into your greased muffin tin, being careful not to fill the cups more than two thirds of the way. First timers often have good luck using a spring loaded ice cream scoop or a measuring cup with a pouring spout.

Bake your pupcakes for about half an hour and cool them before serving or storing. Cooling the treats prevents mouth burns for your pup and mold generating steam when storing. They should be refrigerated in an airtight container, where they can be kept for a week. You can also freeze them, which extends their shelf life to about three months.

Dogs can detect cancer in humans, but they lack the capacity to know whether or not their food can hurt them. That’s why it’s up to responsible pet owners to make positive and healthy choices when it comes to their dog’s diet and keep them away from human and pet foods and treats that could be harmful to their health.

Making treats using homemade dog treat recipes is a way that many pet owners reassure themselves that the snacks they’re feeding their pup are completely healthy and beneficial, contributing to a long, happy, healthy life for their best friend.