How Do Dogs Communicate?

As dog owners, we all communicate with our canine pals, and they certainly talk back.  Dogs are big on communication, from being an essential skill in their past wild pack days, to being an essential skill to living happily with their modern day owner; dogs have always been very animated animals.  Our dogs can be full of joy or sorrow, afraid or upset, and they will communicate all these feelings to us, and other dogs, through doggy body language.

Dog Communication Can Be HardDog body language is actually a very highly evolved and complicated form of canine communicated.  Even when we compare to the rest of the animal kingdom, our dogs are some of the most talkative and expressive animals out there.  Good thing for us is, dog body language is not rocket science, and dogs are very obvious and consistent in their communication (they don’t lie).  So it is not at all impossible for you to be able to read the cues your dog (or other dogs) are giving you with their body language.  Actually, most animal owners will develop this on an instinctual level after just being with their dog for a few years.  This is a very important skill for you as an owner to learn, as it will help you to communicate back to your dog and have a good and happy relationship with them.  Fortunately, it will come naturally for most dog owners from just interacting with their dog on a day to day basis.

Dogs use their entire body to communicate, so it is important to judge how they are feeling based on the whole situations.  Although some differences may be difficult to detect the intricacies of for a non-dog owner, most dog owners will be able to notice the huge difference between a cowering and scared dog that is trying to make itself look smaller, and a joyous and excited puppy bouncing up and down and wanting to play.  A dog that is growling and baring its teeth at you should certainly not be approached, but if they are dropping a ball at your feet and licking your hand they probably just want to play.  Most dogs will also give plenty of fair warning before becoming physically aggressive, especially with a human.