How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

When most of us get a dog, the first question we ask is: How often should I feed my dog?  It is of course, only natural, as that is one of their prime needs.  Just like we need to eat, and eat a proper diet, they also need the same.  And boy do our puppy pals just love to eat!  Sometimes, especially when they are puppies, they will eat just about anything, which can turn out pretty dangerous if they get into the wrong stuff.  Likewise, some breeds just love to eat far too much, and will become obese if they are allowed to eat all day.  So what is the proper diet for a dog?  Well, it really depends on your individual dog, but there are some common tips that you should use for any dog.

How Often Should I Feed My Dog?First off, the first and primary ingredient in any food that you feed your dog should be meat.  Not a meat byproduct, which is common in lesser quality food.  Dogs were are not meant to eat corn and wheat and meat byproducts, they are first and foremost carnivores and hunters.  This means their primary food should be meat.  Some dog food companies can be very deceptive, doing things like advertising a certain weight of meat in the bag, while that was the raw weight of the meat, not after it was cooked.  Anything that says -meal after it, means that it was weighed after the water was taken out. This will mean that the same amount weight wise is going to provide much, much more protein and nutrients to your puppy. So if your food bag reads chicken first, and corn meal second, the food may actually have more corn than chicken in it!  Speaking of corn, it can cause many issues in dogs.  This is, basically because dogs are not chickens, their bodies are not meant to digest seeds and dry grain.  Corn has been linked to many allergen and health problems in dogs.  So really, it is best to keep away from foods that are mostly corn meal.  Just take one look at your dog’s mouth, do you see any molars for grinding?  Nope, they are all canine teeth, for ripping and tearing meat, and it is actually best to feed your dog a grain-free diet.

The first 6 months of your puppies life, you should feed them between 3 and 4 times a day, and as much as they can eat.  As they near their first year you can cut them down on their food.  By their first year, you should be feeding them once a day.  For larger breeds 2-4 cups should be enough while only 1 cup should suffice for the smaller breeds.  Make sure you monitor your dog, and be sure they are growing into the appropriate weight for their breed and you should be okay!